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Repeat this 3 more times. Select all circle layers and group them in one group, then duplicate this group, and move it a bit down. Use image below as a reference. Repeat this for the height of the coupon, then continue bottom, other side and top until your entire coupon has the same edge detail. Select all those groups and group them in one group. Name this big group "edge". Step 7 It's time to add some text to our coupon.

For the font choose League Gothic font. Change font to Helvetica and add more text. Download and install Franchise Bold font and add "Mr.

Vintage Snow Coupons & Promo Codes

Clean" using this font. Create new layer below "Mr.

Clean" layer and fill the selection with white color. Using Helvetica for the font type "NEW! Let's add another line of text but this time we will use Lobster font. For the last line of text we will use Helvetica font again. Apply Drop Shadow to this line of text. Draw another rectangle, but this time white, add 1px stroke, and type coupon number.

Here's what we have so far. Step 9 Download and open in Photoshop Stock photo: vaporizer. Now let's grab the Pen Tool P and create a Path to define the label. Instead of using this path as a mask for a single layer, we're going to use it as a mask for an entire group. Create a new layer called background and fill the layer with fbef4b color. Using Custom Shape Tool U create 2 blue b triangles and place it like on the picture below. Grab Mr.

Clean logo , cut out from the background using Pen Tool P and import to our design, and position below triangles. Duplicate Mr. Use image below as reference. Open Layer Style and apply Drop Shadow to this layer.

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Let's add some text. Create new layer below word "Clean" and fill it with white color.

How it works

Do the same for the word "Mr. Step 10 Clip out vaporizer from its background using Pen Tool P , and insert into our main canvas, scale it down make it smaller , rotate and place it like on the picture below. Name this layer "vaporizer shadow". Move the "vaporizer shadow" layer to the left a bit, then give this layer 5px Gaussian Blur.

Step 11 Draw circle using Elliptical Marquee Tool M , create new layer on top, and fill selection with white color. Open Layer Style window and apply Color Overlay. For the color use ec.

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Finally add text. Create another one, using the same method, in the upper right corner. And add some more text.

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