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Join the Foundation for Creating A Mind With Heart and start learning how to create inner peace and get better results in your life. Read More. Metaphysics for Life is for practical people looking for a way to apply the science, philosophy, and spiritual aspects of metaphysics to their real, everyday lives. Comments Have something to say about what you just read?

Leave me a comment in the box below. Students of logic learn how to think in a structurally sound manner.

Explanations of the Branches of Philosophy

Logic has two types: deductive and inductive reasoning. Deductive reasoning involves examining a general case, deducing a general set of rules or principles, and then applying these rules to specific cases. Inductive reasoning involves taking specific examples and considering the general principles, rules, or cases that caused them.

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    Redefining Metaphysics: The Engineering Model for Reality and Philosophy | Blog of the APA

    Epistemology is the study of the grounds and nature of knowledge itself. Ethics is the formal study of moral standards and conduct and is also often called " moral philosophy. What is evil?

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    • There are thirteen different fields of philosophical inquiry.
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    • Redefining Metaphysics: The Engineering Model for Reality and Philosophy.
    • Metaphysics special: Philosophy’s biggest questions unravelled!
    • Branches of Philosophy.

    How should I behave -- and why? How should I balance my needs against the needs of others? These are some of the questions asked in the field of ethics. These two fields are often treated separately, but they are close enough that they are presented together here. The philosophy of Language involves the study of how our language interacts with our thinking.


    In Western philosophy, this field has become the study of the fundamental nature of all reality - what is it, why is it, and how are we to understand it. Some only regard metaphysics as the study of "higher" reality or the "invisible" nature behind everything, but that isn't actually true. It is, instead, the study of all of reality, visible and invisible.

    This field deals with how children should be educated, what they should be educated in, and what the ultimate purpose of education should be for society. This is an often neglected field of philosophy and is often addressed only be in educational programs designed to train teachers -- in that context, it is a part of pedagogy, which is learning how to teach. The Philosophy of History is a relatively minor branch in the field of philosophy, focusing on the study of history, writing about history, how history progresses, and what impact history has upon the present day.