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I waited and was looking at the punks back there, they took a large clear container of Burger patties in liquid, it was steaming, I saw them pick them up and toss them on a bun, they put the top of the bun on for a second and patted it to dry up the water and then built the burger.

I love your chicken parmesan sandwich, and fries, plus former employee, love working for burger king ,niagara falls on cliffton hill, had great manger mike,. Ronnie Miller. The receipt coupons are great. They always stick one on the bag and give you one, so if you figure that you get 2 every time you buy something, you can load up on free whopper coupons. The codes are right.

Burger king employees have no way of verifying them, so as long as the first 2 letters are correct you are set. You can even use more than one coupon per visit if you get 2 whoppers. My girlfriend and I use these things all the time.

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Even when you use a receipt you get another one so theyre neverending. I am very cheap so I love free things! Great job with the months for the codes! And even using them too often at the same outlet could be problematic. The verbiage on the back of the receipt says you can only take the survey once a month. LOL P.

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S You have the best Ketchup ever. The numbers on the back are for the order taker to input which offer you want, there are 3. Codes work and I used them even 2 months later and still accepted. On the original receipt no, but to collect your free Whopper or Original Chicken Sandwich you need to buy a small soda and small fries along with it.

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I love bk you need to bring back the original fries when bk first came out thoes was the best fries. Keep it classy,your nose is gonna bleed way up there on your high horse. Not stealing at all… I went there, made a purchase and on the back was the info to take the survey and get the sandwich… I took the time to go to the site and fill out the info when I was greeted with the message that they were done getting info for this 30 period.

How has nobody asked about validation procedures? Or does anyone that works at BK know more about this? John, the validation is that the code for each month is two letters followed by five random numbers. I suppose it was implied, but I wanted to be absolutely sure.

Thanks for confirming that! I imagine that the price of a whopper even if you are cheating them out of the survey part is worth it to Burger King to get you into the store. Even if it costs them a whopper in exchange.

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The rule of thumb with most fast food entrees is cost times three is roughly the retail price. At BK, whoppers are made to order, so there is very little waste. But before I go, I will report here that my receipt did not even have a store number on it so I was unable to do the survey. Thanks for the tip. Excellent scam. I love saving money. Free tastes so good.

The taste is excellent. Thank you. U do have to have the receipt. I took the survey yesterday and it said FF.

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It is a long survey. I thought they went with A-F being A is great and F is bad. So thankful I found this. I also wish they tasted as good as they did years ago. Waterbury ct. Thanks man I am going to use this advice next time. Not good to eat em all the time though. Better than In n Out even. Or is that just my wishful thinking?! Great appreciation for the codes again!! Even if you enter the code this will still work because again, all you need to do to get it to work is to use the two letter month code followed by five random numbers. Hey dumb ass im using an android to type so im hitting it by accident and didnt realize it till after I sent it why dont you stop being a cheap mother fucker.

I am a manager at BK. They ONLY way we make a experience better is to hear it from the customers them selves.

Today, my wife and I ate at Berger King. Yes, we had our usual….. These sandwiches cannot be beat! Maybe you can help, I wanted to do the survey, but the site asks for a store number no prob and a survey code too there is none, that I can find.

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Was this receipt incorrect? Well done Nick. I have been using surveys to buy whoppers and chicken sandwiches since they introduced it back in Not going to stop — ever. I went on the Burger King comment web site but the site said they were done with surveys for the month. The receipt they gave me said duplicate even though it is the only receipt they gave me, perhaps the store didnt want me to comment. Twice I have gone to this burger king with these survey coupons and both times they tried to demand I buy more then the coupon requires.

For example they falsely said the coupon required a large french fries when it only requires any size french fries, falsely claimed the coupon requires that cheese or something else be added to the whopper when it does not, falsely claimed only the most expensive drinks were required when they were not etc. Dont know if they are illiterate and can not read or are simply lying.

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Also the drink cup was not fully filled the last time about 3 inches left off falsely claiming thats the way its supposed to be. And the burger on the whopper tasted like it was lying around for a while, it used to be if you ordered a whopper minus an ingredient you got a fresh burger but not at this burger king. I am using a desk top—none of the mybkexperience websites work, therefore we will no longer be using the local BK store for lunch!!!

Damn Richard, did you even read the blog post that you just left a comment on!? Nobody ever puts out coupons for veggie burgers, but most of the locations will allow us to get them instead of Whoppers, which is a sensible and wise thing to do for customer relations. I just spent my whole lunch break reading these comments. Someone tell me why. Thanks Alan , I went to the Leicester square one yesterday , it was so hot and fresh maybe go to a busier resturant and you will get a better service , maybe change the inside ingredients so it will have to made fresh.

I would like to recieve free whoppers because i enjoy the burgers and the sauces however they can be quite pricey for my budget. Easy use the checksum. This is crazy it askesfor survey code but wont let me number too long for boxes they provide what a mess. Love whoppers. Always get the same. No ketchup. No mayo. Heavy pickles. Heavy onion. Heavy lettuce. Made fresh.

I was going to speak with the manager today but just wrote FF followed by 5 numbers on the receipt and got my free Whopper.