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    Fry's Reviews - Reviews of | Sitejabber

    Abes of Maine Coupons. TigerDirect Canada Coupons. Buydig Coupons. Walmart Canada Coupons. Panasonic Coupons. I could spend all day and way more money than I planned on. Part of this was due to Fry's magical ability to transform my wants into needs. They did this thru their excellent, knowledgeable, and reasonably available staff and abundantly stocked items. I often didn't realize how absolutely helpful an item or tool was until I saw it.

    To me, that's inspiration, or brilliant manipulation. At least Fry's theme park-like atmosphere is intact. I like this part of my shopping experience. Each store I've visited, had its own theme. Such as, Houston's indoor oil rig with uniformed mannequins. Anaheim has a space shuttle command deck.

    Inside, there was a grand piano. When not being played, the piano played remotely to keep the ambiance going. Fry's layout accommodated either the in-and-out shopper who easily found what they needed or wanted , or someone who wanted to take their time and take in all the sites. There was never enough time in any one day for me to see, sample, and inquire about everything.

    However, I always left happy, inspired, and eager to come back. All these positive experiences were some years before I joined the online reviewing community. So, when a staffer performed beyond my expectations, I filled out the specific Fry's form. It was my pleasure to do so. That was then. Now, I shopped at Anaheim and didn't find what I needed. I picked up a few things however, I left the items at the only open register because the nice lady couldn't get the register to work.

    I successfully bought the same items at the Houston location but still didn't find the main item I needed. Gone is the inspiration and reason to spend the time and the fuel driving to Fry's. After talking to a few associates, they believe Fry's management is going thru a transitional period. I'm hoping they're right and Fry's transitions back to its former self. I'm not mad writing this. I just want to see Fry's do better. It's one of the "brick and mortar" places I hope does better. I was purchase LG refrigerator from Fry's at Renton, WA few years ago and buy 5 years warranty from their store, I though buy warranty from local is better than form LG , but I was wrong!

    In Summer time We need ice, but there is no Ice, then I call them for send someone to fix it, so someone call me for set up appointment next week from AM - noon, but at that day at I call to the person was call me for set up appointment, and ask are they will come to my house fix the refrigerator, and it was surprise me because over another end he was answer me with sleeping voice and after he knows there is appointment with me today, then he said he will ask his office, then call me back, but never call me back, I'm not bother to call back either So days later, I call back to store for asking for fix refrigerator again, they said they will call the service, and will call me back, but never did KKK suddenly there is a day my phone ring and the man last time has sleeping voice call me to set up early appointment for next week at AM, with promised and sorry what happen last time Now is Fall season, with a lot of rain.

    I do not think I need ice, but still need it fix! I told him call them and let me know, he start getting mad All he just screaming and yelling why I'm not answer his call??? I have to give up to asking him about my question and request to talk with manager, then he said the manager is not here, only him to taking care, then hang up??? Why you do not leave a message? Do you think people have time and wait for your call, then has to answer?

    Fry's Apocalypse - Fry's going out of the business - Predictions and what it means to you!

    We are not a big boss like you, so we can not leave the phone KEEP ringing 3 times Ps: the repair man show up, blah blah blah These guys are pro scammers! This was my first and last experience with them. I ordered a set of speakers on sale in July They cancelled the one speaker 12 hours later and next day I received a call regarding the one speaker I ordered a set for a reason!

    They did the exact same with another order placed in the meanwhile for a set of Klipsch bookself speakers. They took the order online and then called later in the day to say they have to cancel it because the items are used and NOT in working condition. They told me to go get them at another store, they should be available somewhere. Now they will not refund the order because it was delivered while I was gone and I did not report it within 48hrs. Of course they claim to have everything sold out and the advice was to wait for another even at some point in the future.

    It is NOT worth it.

    Frys Black Friday 2018

    Very disrespectful towards consumers. I've held back on leaving this review hoping I just caught somebody on a bad day, but never fails everytime I come just horrible service. One person sends you to another department just to find out that person says no no it's back over there.